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This week’s blog is a bit of self-reflection. It has been two months since launching Oldridge Accounting but there were a few highlights along the way.

The year started with applying to become a board member for the Windsor-Essex Red Shoe Society. I was appointed the board’s treasurer, and this has led to some great experiences helping Ronald McDonald House.

In the spring I happened to notice that a friend had launched their own social media management business. I was intrigued to see how their business could help me with marketing myself as an accountant. Russtek Media now helps me manage Oldridge Accounting’s social media and other marketing strategies and they are going above my expectations.

During the summer, an opportunity presented itself that allowed me to launch my own practice and get some industry accounting experience as a controller for a year. I left Gerald Duthie in the fall after almost 7 years and worked really hard to get things in place to serve current and potential clients.

I am really looking forward to seeing what 2018 is going to bring.

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