Do you know how to protect yourself from scammers?

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Scammers are getting creative these days luring individuals into revealing personal information and ultimately trying to take their hard-earned money. With it being tax season, it is perfect timing for scammers to pose as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to prey on people via a letter, phone call or email. Typically, the scammer will say that you are owed a refund or claim that you are committing tax fraud to extract information from you. Here is some important information to consider when you are presented with information that seems questionable from CRA.

If via phone call, the CRA will never leave any personal information on your voice mail. The one thing that I have noticed is if you have call display and if CRA calls it shows up on the call display as Canada Revenue Agency. If you are still unsure you can always ask for their agent number and tell them that you will call them back. At that point, I would call CRA’s listed number for individual tax enquiries at 1-800-959-8281 and ask for the agent.

If the request is coming via email, CRA will never send a link and request personal information from a taxpayer.  The only exception to this rule is if you call the CRA to request a form or a link for specific information. The CRA agent will forward the information you are requesting to your email during the telephone call.

We should always exercise caution when someone claiming to be CRA tries to contact us. If you are still unsure you could always speak to your tax preparer or accountant.

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Shawn Oldridge


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