Why do I love using Xero?

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A few months ago I discussed cloud accounting in a previous blog, but today I want to discuss why I love using Xero. This past week Xero had their official launch in Canada in Toronto at the Xero Roadshow. This is huge for Canadian accountants and bookkeepers that use Xero for their clients as our account managers are now located in our country. The account managers at Xero are awesome people to work with and they truly feel like they are a part of your team trying to help you succeed as a practice.

When I first started talking with Bill Kimball and Teddy Sullivan about 2 years ago I was trying to get my first client to try out Xero. Although they were located in Denver, Colorado, they were always encouraging me and giving suggestions as to what the first client may look like. I had a few clients in the cloud already but they were all on different applications. However, I knew these clients would benefit more from a more versatile product like Xero as it has many software integrations and is more intuitive to use. As well, it is more forgiving if the client makes an error as there is an awesome “Find and Recode” tool that the accountant can use to batch correct transactions.

Xero helped with the conversion process and my clients’ records have been a lot easier to manage. Their records now being in real-time have allowed for decision-making throughout the year. Key decisions that I have advised clients about while using Xero have been additional wages for shareholders and asset values for their sale to a third-party.

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