Vacations are great for entrepreneurs!

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I just got back from a vacation that was almost two weeks long. It was awesome to get away with the family and travel to a couple places where I had never been before. As well, it gave me a chance to recharge and not think about my day job or the practice for a little bit. If something was not urgent relating to client matters, I addressed the issue when I got back in town this past weekend. However, I did do a few small tasks on vacation such as a couple payrolls for my clients. This was quite easy as I use Wagepoint to help me out as explained in a previous blog. I also tried my best to capture highlights of my vacation on my Instagram story.

This approach seemed to work well as I really got to enjoy my vacation. We started the trip with two and a half days in Vegas. There we enjoyed the pool as it was crazy hot outside. We also took the kids to see the fountains at the Bellagio, the shark reef aquarium at Mandalay Bay and the M&M and Hershey stores.

The second leg of the trip we spent three and a half days at Disneyland. We had an awesome character dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen. As well, me and the kids got to experience the theme parks for the first time (Disneyland Park and California Adventure). My favorite rides were Thunder Mountain Railroad, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout and Radiator Springs. The Pixar parade was pretty spectacular at Disneyland Park. Seeing the characters from the Incredibles, Monsters Inc. and Toy Story was awesome!

Our last part of our trip we spent three days in the amazing city of San Diego. I went to the USS Midway Museum, a retired navy aircraft carrier, that had all sorts of exhibits and planes. As well, we went to the world famous San Diego Zoo. The zoo was incredible with all of the natural habitats for their animals. I also attended a baseball game at Petco Park home of the Padres. This was my first baseball game not in Detroit or Toronto and the fan experience was superb. We also did a beach day at Pacific Beach and went to Sea World. The Electric Eel roller coaster was pretty cool. I could really feel some air time on the inversions.

I cannot wait for our next family vacation!

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