Is it ok to say no as an entrepreneur?

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As an entrepreneur you will run into some tough decisions. These decisions can take on many shapes. One of the toughest decisions I have run into is whether or not to accept potential jobs. Currently, my practice is part-time so my time outside of my day job is precious. It is great that people are reaching out to see if I will perform a service for them, however there are times where it is not a good fit.

For example, I have been asked to perform complicated tax work. Although, I am an accountant that prepares tax returns there are some concepts that I just don’t know well enough. I will typically refer the individual to another practice that can hopefully solve their issue. As well, the other practice may send work my way that makes more sense for me to perform.

Most importantly, if the engagement does not fit my vision of an ideal client that is forward thinking about technology I may not accept the engagement. You need to have customers that believe in your service or product and my main offering is cloud-based solutions for small businesses.

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