Are you taking the customer experience to another level?

Wagepoint web

About a month ago, I was preparing a client’s payroll using Wagepoint when I decided to take a picture of the screen (with no confidential information visible) and tweet how I loved using the application. Within a few hours I had four likes including one from Shrad Rao, the CEO of the company. Shrad even connected with me on LinkedIn that same evening and thanked me personally for my tweet and even posted the tweet on LinkedIn for everyone to see. It was quite awesome to see their business so engaged on social media that it really left a positive impression on me.

For all small business owners, making positive impressions is key to ultimately creating a great customer experience. You want to be able to provide a product that removes your customer’s pain points. In my case, Wagepoint makes payroll processing quite easy. The cost associated with their product is worth it as I can now spend time doing other things in my practice. As well, my customers are happy as Wagepoint can set-up their employees on direct deposit and pay CRA the source deductions via one withdrawal from their bank account. This results in a great experience for my clients.

Following up is also key with your customers to make sure they are satisfied with your product. A simple email or phone call can go a long way to a great relationship. Customer satisfaction can lead to referrals and more business.

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