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This past week the practice reached a couple milestones with social media growth that I am quite proud of. On Facebook the practice got to 100 likes while Instagram achieved 400 followers. How was this achieved and how can this work for your business? Let me explain.

When I first started the practice, I wanted to promote it on social media as I think a lot of accountants do not market themselves enough in this manner. I hired a social media manager to help achieve these goals due to my lack of time. Russtek Media posts relevant content on my behalf with the proper hashtags to engage my audience. Russtek and I respond to any comments or queries in a timely and professional fashion.

I like to make sure that I either like and or share the posts to my friends. I invited most of my friends to like my Facebook page as these will be your true supporters. I have even had a few clients give a review for me to help with my credibility and character which is key as I am trying to promote cloud accounting services. I have also joined various groups on Facebook to network and engage with others.

On Instagram we publish the similar content. Additionally, we do include more personal content that is featured via Instagram stories. I tend to follow other local businesses and accounting industry influencers.  Typically, if someone follows me I follow them back if they meet that criteria. I also like to engage with who I follow by liking their posts and commenting on posts that really grab my attention.

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