What a great day to be a coach!!!

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I have been 5-pin bowling since I was seven years old and began helping my parents with the youth bowling program as a teenager at Harrow Lanes. A couple years before my oldest daughter Kylie was born, I started to take coaching courses to get certified and coach teams in tournaments. This past Sunday was Kylie’s first bowling tournament and I had the opportunity to coach her team from Playdium Lanes which was awesome!

The tournament was a pins over average tournament for six and seven year olds that was bowled in Chatham and sponsored by their local Moose Lodge. I emphasized before and during the tournament it was all about having fun to the kids and we will see what happens in the end. It helped that my team had extra incentive for every time they hit the middle pin, they got a piece of candy to put in a bag for after the tournament.

The kids bowled awesome and we ended up winning the tournament! Kylie even got her first strike. During the tournament I was cheering for my team and giving out pointers occasionally. There are some similarities to my business, as an accountant I do some coaching where I like to celebrate my clients’ wins small or large and provide guidance as to where things can be improved.