Wow! Thank you so much for the Biz X Awards support!

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Wow! I am absolutely blown away by the love we received last week! Just recently my practice Oldridge Accounting Professional Corporation was nominated for a Biz X Award in a category specifically for accountants and the voting period ended last Friday. We received a phenomenal response across our social media platforms and we cannot be any happier. Why am I so happy about this other than the obvious? We executed a plan successfully within the parameters that were given to us. 

Biz X Magazine, a Windsor, Ontario based business magazine, gives out awards annually to businesses in various categories ranging from top powerhouse professional to the most honest used car salesperson. Biz X told all those that were nominated to promote that your business got nominated and spread the word to your supporters as voting is only one element in the entire selection process. There are three other elements consisting of the initial nomination form submitted by the nominator, the application that we had to send in to verify the nomination and the judges secret vote.

My business was up against some really incredible accounting practices. Most of these practices are much bigger than mine so I knew I was at a little bit of a disadvantage from that respect. However, I do have a great support network of clients, family, friends and individuals in the accounting industry as I have been in the profession for almost 20 years.

We crafted a plan to get our supporters attention through a social media post that had an image that was personal, told a short story, simply stated that we would be honoured and humbled if you would vote for the practice and shared the voting link. We published this post across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as we thought that this approach should capture most of our audience. For those clients and colleagues that were not on social media we formulated an email to make them aware of the nomination and voting process. We also did a couple follow-up videos using Instagram Stories thanking the supporters as the response was amazing.

The ultimate goal was to get votes for the awards process, however, another goal was to create more exposure for the practice. I feel both goals were accomplished. As Yoda would say “Do, or do not. There is no try.” I think our effort was definitely executed as planned.

Thank you again for the outpouring of support! We will know in a couple of months who the winners are in Biz X Magazine’s November/December 2020 issue.

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