Tech on Vacation

I tend to not deal with clients very often while on vacation. What I normally do is bust my tail the week before to ensure all of my clients accounts are in good shape before leaving. I also like to give them a heads up that I will be out of town and I arrived at our family cottage this past Saturday afternoon.
On Monday¬†morning I receive a message from a client via Slack. Slack is a communication tool that uses instant messaging which also allows for file sharing. It is free for the most part and it was introduced to me by a web developer client of mine. The client was worried that his personal tax notice of assessment was too high and not what we had anticipated. I used Slack to retrieve a PDF file that had his social insurance number on it and logged into CRA’s represent a client service. I then took a screen shot with my iPhone of his account balance and forwarded the image to my client via Slack.
The client was quite relieved to find out that our initial estimate was correct and now has peace of mind before heading out of town for a week. I am still enjoying and having fun on my vacation thanks to technology.

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Shawn Oldridge


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