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Back and Refreshed

Oh the joys of coming back from vacation and being greeted with a slew of emails from clients and software vendors. However, the time getting caught up was well worth that week off. I am now back into the swing of things this Wednesday morning.

While I was away I was guilty of looking at a few emails to see what was going on at the firm. I also dealt with a client issue (please see my previous blog “Tech on Vacation”). Other than these couple items my vacation was a time to relax and have fun with family. It also gave me time to reflect on various aspects of my career and use my parents as a sounding board for different ideas.

Reflection should be used at some point in time by small business owners to look at past results to help point yourself in a better direction moving forward. Some good questions that I like to ask myself are as follows:

  • Am I happy with the current situation?
  • What is currently working and not working well?
  • How can things be improved?
  • Is there anything in the situation that is uncontrollable?
  • What can I do to change things and how should I implement changes?

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Shawn Oldridge


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