Technology in the hands of businessmen

Passion for Technology

My love for technology came at a very young age. Our family’s first personal computer was a Tandy, running  DOS. We had all sorts of video games and a word processing program which we used for school assignments. I really preferred using the computer over my hand writing, as I always found myself either scratching something out, using an eraser or liquid paper, but the computer had the glorious backspace key and spell check. I just recently ordered a laptop online for the first time. It is amazing how you can pick your specs for your laptop and then it is shipped to you. I understand this is not a new approach, but for me I always had to see the physical product in front of me before purchasing.

I have had many video game systems over the years. The first system we had was an Atari 2600 with classics such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Centipede. Today I have a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch. I love the new Mario Kart on the Switch due to its game play being similar to its previous incarnations, awesome graphics and the option of either playing the game on a portable or a traditional console connected to your television.

Accounting software has also evolved over the years with better operating systems and the birth of the Internet. This has allowed for increased mobility, real-time data and automation of some processes resulting in more time to do other things such as spending more time with family and video games.

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Shawn Oldridge