Now that’s the way to treat your clients/customers!

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Now that’s the way to treat your clients/customers!

This week our family is on vacation at one of the happiest places on Earth, Disney World. This time my oldest daughter is 5 and will get a lot more out of the trip. I can actually take her on some thrill rides such as Test Track and Thunder Mountain Railroad. She is very excited to have breakfast with Disney princesses at Epcot.

Walt Disney wanted to create an atmosphere different than the typical county fair where people could experience his creations. Disney has now created lands within the theme parks detailing various movies such as Pandora from the movie Avatar in Animal Kingdom. Star Wars and Toy Story lands are in the works for Hollywood Studios. I cannot wait for the Millennium Falcon themed ride.

Disney is a model corporation that values customer service for its patrons. This is very key for all businesses to thrive. You want your client to remember your product or service and how it was presented to them. For example, there are many places to get breakfast, but at Disney you can get a Mickey waffle while characters visit with your family table side.

I am going to finish with a great quote by Walt Disney – All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them…

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Shawn Oldridge


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