Why should you backup your data?

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Why should you backup your data?

Over the course of last week at my previous job I was performing my yearly software update for a very popular accounting application. This particular software was asking if it was ok to run the update to the latest version of the program. Typically, we would say “yes” to installing only if everything was going to be fine once the installation is completed. As well, the connection manager on the file server must be updated during this process. However, when we tried to convert a client file to the new version of the software the application would stall and fail to convert. Fortunately, we made a back-up of the data file as we would have been in trouble as we could not open the file after attempting to run the conversion … headaches!

I typically recommend using a cloud accounting platform such as Xero or Wave to avoid these headaches. Both of these products backup your data automatically and there is no need to worry about conversion issues as updates are done prior to you logging into your account.

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