Big news – Part 1

This week I begin a new chapter in my career. I will be working for 14 months full-time as an accountant for a local used car dealership. It will be a big change for me as I have worked for public accounting firms my entire professional career. However, I welcome the challenge as I will gain more experience performing routine accounting functions such as payroll, daily postings and various reconciliations. As well, it does not hurt that it is the family business and I will know most of the staff already.

I like the fact that I will be working for a small business as these are the type of businesses that I love to help. Being in public accounting I was typically seeing a client’s records at year end only and not on a day-to-day basis. In my past year at Gerald Duthie I was starting to do some monthly cloud bookkeeping for a couple clients and this was allowing me to make better decisions and really enjoyed this aspect of my job. As well, this will give me the opportunity to really dive into the company’s systems and evaluate them for areas of improvement.

There is still more news to come and this is only a component of the big picture!

So, if this is only part of the big news yet to come, what’s next???

Want to know more?

Shawn Oldridge