I came to realize that I had an entrepreneurial spirit a few years ago when I started accepting clients of my own while at my previous firm. I really enjoyed servicing these clients as I became their go-to person when they had questions. I started pondering whether I could run my own practice. I just was not sure if I was quite ready both financially and professionally.

When I was given the unique opportunity to work as a controller for 14 months at Auto Maxx and then potentially continue part-time thereafter it opened my eyes to the idea of starting my own business. Of course, my next step was projecting my first year of operations based on my current client list, provided everybody was retained. After running the numbers, I realized that this idea made sense.

I also came to the realization that I was ready professionally. I have been in public accounting for 14 years full-time and I have learned a lot. What I needed to do when starting this practice was to focus on what I know and stay away from services that I am not comfortable providing.

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Shawn Oldridge



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