Sometimes you just have to ask!

Xero swag blog

Sometimes you just need to ask in order to receive something! The other party is not a mind reader. What is the worst thing that they could say? No? I have to admit being an introvert that sometimes I can be shy and not ask for something. However, I have come to realize that good things tend to happen as evidenced this past week.

I have been observing over the past few months that some Xero partners were getting swag for various reasons. I have had clients of my own on Xero now for over a year and now that I have my own practice I really want to grow the bookkeeping side via Xero. I plan on doing some events and I wanted to bring some exposure to Xero and cloud accounting. I emailed my account manager to see if he could provide me with some items to distribute. He ended up really surprising me with all sorts of swag such as pens, notepads, a laptop sleeve, a tumbler, two steel water bottles and a pair of Xero socks!

The main point of this blog is whether you are asking for a favor, a discount, a raise, or some swag you should just ask to see what happens. As well, provide some supporting facts for what you are asking. You may be really surprised with the outcome.

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Shawn Oldridge