Why did I purchase Xero for Dummies???

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Honestly, I do not purchase many books. I typically read articles and blogs over the internet to gain information. So why did I purchase this book about Xero through Amazon? I wanted to see if there were any tips that I could use to my advantage running a cloud bookkeeping practice as a Xero partner.

I like to listen to podcasts involving leaders in cloud accounting. Since Xero was and still is really popular in Australia and New Zealand I like listening to what people in their accounting industry have to say about current trends. I had originally heard about this book via a podcast called “Cloud Stories” hosted by Heather Smith, an Australian accountant and the author of this book.

Amazon provided the table of contents of the book which made my decision to buy the book a lot easier. I realized at this point that book was modular and there were sections that could definitely help me. The fact that I can pick up the book anytime to research something I may be struggling with is great. Xero does have a great help center but the extra reference from a different perspective is refreshing.

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Shawn Oldridge