What did the MOMENTUM Conference mean to me?


Momentum was a one day conference for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners that was held in Windsor, Ontario last week. This conference was organized by Nichole Howson of AIM Social Media Marketing and Nick Russell of Russtek Media and I was ecstatic to be one of the eight speakers presenting.

I thought it would be a great forum to discuss cloud accounting as many entrepreneurs do not know about it and its benefits. The second half of my discussion was on cash flow management. When cash flow management is handled poorly, it can be a cause to many businesses not surviving. I tied both topics together by elaborating how cloud accounting applications such as Xero allow for better cash flow management and decision making.

It was very enjoyable creating the content for the conference. The material came together pretty easy for me. I have been using cloud software for the past three years and it has become my passion as I want to help small businesses focus on the things they love and be able to focus less on accounting.

I was shocked how I was actually not that nervous on the day of the conference as this was my first speaking engagement. Public speaking was not something that I looked forward to in school. While speaking at the conference, I did not realize that I had already been speaking for twenty minutes until I glanced over at the short time remaining with about three slides still to go.

I received a few questions during my Q&A portion, which demonstrated the interest in my topic. As well, I even had a couple individuals approach me afterwards to discuss Xero and some requests for copies of my slides. I believe I definitely made an impact and hopefully the individuals that attended the conference walked away with enough value to grow their respective businesses.

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Shawn Oldridge