Do you have to do it by yourself as a sole-proprietor?

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It can be lonely on your own as a sole-proprietor, however it does not have to be this way. I am very fortunate to have my wife who is also an accountant to listen to my ideas. As well, I meet with a group of amazing individuals called a Mastermind team once every two weeks via zoom, an online conference call application.

During our online meetings we discuss our wins since the previous meeting. This gives everyone in the group a chance to feel good about what they have accomplished. A win can be something as big as acquiring a new customer, finishing a project or creating time to do something that you want to do personally. It is all about progress in achieving your goals.

We also go over our goals that were discussed at the previous meeting to see if they have been achieved or not. This holds everyone accountable for their actions. Additionally, everyone gets a chance to bring up something they struggled with since the last meeting and receive advice from all group members.

You can form your own mastermind team with other small business owners that are customers or are your vendors. There are even online Mastermind teams that you can join or even paid teams where there is a coach that facilitates the meetings. My experience has helped me professionally and created new networking opportunities.

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