Entrepreneurs run in the family!!!

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While I was on my family vacation over a week ago, I stumbled upon an Oldridge Heating and Cooling sign while at the Lake Lisgar Waterpark in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Entrepreneurs run in the family? I asked my Dad about it and he told me that this was his Uncle Bob’s business for many years. I thought it was pretty awesome to see my family name on display poolside.

As well, my Grandpa, Bill Oldridge, owned a typesetting business called Essex Composition. It was a family business on Erie Street currently where Take Five Bistro is located. Many of my family members including my parents and uncle worked here at one point or another.

I remember as a young child going to the shop for visits and seeing the large pieces of equipment. The business was actually started by my great grandfather during the 1960s originally known as Maple Leaf Press. However, during the late 1960s the printing portion of the business was sold in order to focus on typesetting. There is even an old black and white photo on the wall at the current restaurant of one of the three linotype machines that used to be in the building along with my great grandfather and my Grandpa. Supposedly, the friendly presence of my great grandfather has been spotted at the restaurant on occasion. He must have really loved and breathed his business.

Knowing that there were some successful entrepreneurs in the family is really inspiring. I hope my business and my clients’ businesses can be just as successful.

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