Why am I so excited to be a Xero Bronze Partner?

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It has been a long journey to get to this point in becoming a Xero Bronze Partner. Well, maybe not that long if you look at it from my practice’s perspective. As a part-time practice, Oldridge Accounting was able to get Xero Bronze Partner status in a little under a year. However, I was always striving to get to this level while working for my old employer. In order to be a Bronze Partner, you need to have at least five clients using Xero provided you are earning bonus points for using various Xero add-ons for your practice. These bonus points did not become available until this past year.

Four years ago, was when I first learned of Xero. A new client of the firm was suggesting using this application to perform their bookkeeping. Unfortunately, I was never able to truly unlock the software’s power for this client as they did not want to set-up bank feeds. In the end the subscription was cancelled as Xero was serving no benefit to the client. During this time, I decided to get certified as I saw great potential with the application for the firm’s small business clients. In my last year at my old practice I ended up getting three clients to start using Xero via an awesome promotion.

When I started Oldridge Accounting last fall these three clients followed me to my new practice. I also started embracing Xero to run my own practice so I could truly practice what I preach. I just recently set-up a new client on Xero that got me to Bronze. By achieving this status my practice is now being featured on the Xero Advisor Directory which has already led to an inquiry about my services from a small business in Toronto. This is pretty cool as I am located in LaSalle, Ontario which is a 4-hour drive away.

The next step is to try and get to Silver which will take some time. However, I think it is definitely achievable.

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