New Year’s Goals for Oldridge Accounting

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As 2019 has begun it is a good time to reflect and set some goals for the new year. During the year, I was in a mastermind team that helped me to achieve my goals as I was held accountable by the members of the group. It is always good to sit down and make a list of things that you want to accomplish. This list should be achievable and not too daunting. Here are some goals that I will be trying to achieve in the upcoming year.

Increased brand awareness – I feel like I have been making an impact on social media with my brand awareness but things can always be better. I received a comment at a networking event by a well-respected business person about how I was prevalent all over Facebook. A little exaggerated I know but the fact that he was seeing my posts was fantastic!

Continue to improve the client experience – any accountant can offer standard services such as bookkeeping, tax and advisory. The key is to offer a client experience that differentiates itself from the competition. For me I need to stay up to date with technology and ways of delivering my services effectively. Using Xero and related applications help me achieve this goal.

Step out of my comfort zone – this is necessary at times in order to not stay complacent. This past year I did a speaking engagement for the first time ever. As well, I took on a controller position at Automaxx (the family business) to get some day-to-day accounting experience instead of just year end work. This was quite a change as I had solely worked for public accounting firms over the past 15 years.

What are your goals for 2019?

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