Rocketbook blog

This Christmas I got a Rocketbook as a gift from the guy in the red suit. A Rocketbook is more than just a notebook, it is reusable, and it allows you to keep your notes stored digitally.

A bowling friend introduced me to Rocketbook, as he uses his to organize and store class notes. I use my Rocketbook for various notes and organize them to separate folders on my Google drive. I simply take notes, check a box at the bottom of the page to save your note to the appropriate location. Lastly, when I am done with the note, I use the Rocketbook application on my smartphone to take a picture and save it as a PDF.

The Rocketbook made a lot of sense for me. Instead of wasting paper or carrying around a laptop or tablet to take notes I have my little notebook. I typically retain more information if I write the notes versus typing them. As well, these notes are in a place where I can easily find them instead of being in a desk drawer.

How do you prefer to take notes when you’re in a meeting?

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