Are you getting referrals for your business?

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In my opinion, a referral for your business is the highest compliment you can receive as a business owner. Over the last couple weeks, I have had some potential clients meet with me that came via referral from happy clients. I really appreciate that clients are talking to their colleagues and fellow business owners and sending them my way. Word-of-mouth is very powerful for referrals as it demonstrates that you have built trust with your customer.

Is it ok to ask for a referral? Absolutely! The worst they can say is “no”. Odds are they will not say no if they are happy with your product or service.

I was asked the question this past week in a meeting with a financial advisor as to what can be given to customers as an incentive to give referrals. At AutoMAXX, we give a $100 referral fee to previous customers if someone they refer buys a car. Another option would be discounts on products or services as well as gift cards. I have also taken clients out to lunch as a thank you.

How do you get referrals for your business?