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A couple weeks ago I attended my first WE-Tech War Room which is a coaching session aimed at providing tangible results. Back in March I ran a War Room on tax tips for small businesses, however this time I was the student. Adam Castle led our group through how to implement a flywheel approach to your small business. Being an accountant, I only had to take one marketing course during my university career and that was a long time ago.

This approach is about attracting your ideal client and then delivering an amazing experience. This can then lead to them using your service or product again and referring others to you. Thus, keeping the flywheel spinning.

The one important piece to keeping the flywheel in motion is using a customer relationship management software to help automate the approach. It must be stressed that there is a lot of planning needed to implement the process.

For more information about WE-Tech War Rooms please check the button below.

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