How did my first Tax Tips War Room Go?

War Room 2 Blog

As discussed, two weeks ago in a previous blog, I was preparing to run my first War Room workshop on start-up tax tips for small business owners and entrepreneurs. I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to connect with local businesses in this area and offer them some tangible advice. I admit I was a little nervous the day of the workshop as I wasn’t sure what to expect from the attendees. However, I kept telling myself this was going to be just like a meeting with a client except there were going to be possibly six instead of one.

When I arrived at the meeting room I looked at the layout and decided that I did not want to stand and lecture. Instead I decided to sit the entire time to feel comfortable. There ended up only being one attendee which was great for them as they received a lot of individual attention. I had some great questions which I will use to update my slide deck for future War Rooms.

Hopefully, I was able to deliver some great advice. I would like to thank Adam Castle on providing me with this amazing opportunity and I look forward to doing more of these in the future.

Be sure to keep in touch to find out when our next event will be!