One week until our first WETech War Room

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A week from today I will be presenting my first War Room via the Windsor Essex Tech Alliance (WETech). A WETech War Room is a targeted coaching session that has the intention of delivering tangible results. My War Room session is about start-up tax tips which is perfect for this time of year with it being tax season.

About a year ago I became a client of WETech which has been a great experience. Adam Castle has been very helpful with my own business providing some great insights. He invited me to be a business advisor with the venture success team. I thought this would be a great opportunity to teach entrepreneurs and small business owners a little about tax and their numbers.

For my two-hour session I plan on delivering a useful PowerPoint presentation along with a checklist to help those gather appropriate information for their business tax return. Are you interested in joining us? Click the button below and get your tickets before they sell out!

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