Do you go above and beyond for your customers?

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Last week I talked about how the customer experience dictates the value of your product or service using Walt Disney World as an example. This week’s blog is an extension of last week’s blog.

On Sunday evening, I was doing some professional development using Xero’s platform. I want to stay on top of the newest product releases to see if there is anything that will make my clients’ lives easier. While looking at my practice’s dashboard I noticed one of my certifications was going to expire in November. I didn’t see anything looking through the help center, so I decided to email my Xero account manager.

Within half an hour I had received a response. I was quite surprised that my account manager would respond on the weekend, let alone a Sunday evening. He reassured me that everything was ok and that the rules had changed on the certification. That is one of the reasons I love using Xero as they go above and beyond for their customers. This is something that I love doing for my clients as well. I don’t mind answering emails on weekends or vacation if it helps my client’s peace of mind.

What have you done in the past that goes over and above for your clients or customers?

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