How do you pivot as a business when needed?

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Back in late August my practice received an email notification that Plooto, the payment processing application that we used for a few clients’ tax remittances, would be changing their pricing. This price increase was very significant as the wanted to charge a new monthly flat fee on top of the government remittance fees. Clearly, Plooto was looking to capitalize on those who used the service for at least 10 payments to vendors per month. Previously, there was a $1 fee for domestic transactions and $2 for government remittances.

I now had to figure out a different way to help my clients and not get gouged by their new pricing model. I went to the Xero Partners Canada Facebook group to see how others were going to handle clients with this issue. An application named Ablii was suggested. So far this seems like a good solution for vendor payment processing. The fees are actually cheaper than Plooto at $0.75 per transaction. However, I still wanted to find a solution for government remittances.

There currently isn’t a solution that was like Plooto unless you want to pay a fee of  2-3% per transaction. So what I suggested was to for the client to do their remittances themselves through their online banking or I can set their payroll remittances up on Wagepoint and they handle other remittances through their bank. Some clients actually preferred Wagepoint although it was going to cost almost $20 per month due to the time savings.

How do you pivot when situations out of the ordinary arise?

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