Does your accountant use a portal?

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Have you ever used a portal? Do you know what a portal is? This concept has been around for a while. It is a secure private way to send sensitive documents electronically. Unfortunately, email isn’t 100% safe due to the potential of passwords being hacked and most messages being unencrypted. Imagine how scary it would be if a hacker was able to get a hold of your social insurance number.

For the past year I have been trying to find a product that would make sense for my practice. I finally found a solution that made sense and integrates seamlessly with my tax software. A feature that makes it extremely secure is dual authentication. When I log into the software with my password it requires a secondary code to verify my identity. The three ways available to obtain the code are email, a random code using the Google Authenticator application or a text message to your cell phone.

This is fantastic as I now have a secure place to store my clients’ tax returns for them to pick-up electronically instead of wasting a ton of paper printing them and it makes me more efficient. They can also send me documents securely. I am all about finding new ways to improve the client experience and allow me to operate the business smoothly.

For those of you that are already clients, we have now added a link to the bottom of our site for the portal.

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