Oldridge Accounting’s Vision Explained

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Does your business have a clear vision? This is something that I want my potential clients to understand and my current clients to experience. It is a place where I want my business to be at some point in the future. This vision is based on my goals and aspirations.

Oldridge Accounting’s vision is to provide exceptional client service using the latest technologies to small business owners. As I was told once by another CPA during a job interview years ago, we can both prepare a tax return correctly; however, it is the client experience that separates and differentiate us. I really took this point to heart back then and today as I run my own practice.

As I dive deeper into my vision, technology is at the forefront of it. Using tools such as Xero, Wagepoint, Veem, Hubdoc and Receipt Bank help enhance the client experience. I love it when a client sees the efficiencies of these applications. For example, when a client realizes that they don’t have to worry about source deduction remittances being late to CRA as Wagepoint will handle this for them, it is a great feeling.

The other element is that small business owners are my ideal client. To be more specific, I am focused on small business owners located in Windsor and Essex County. I want to be known as a cloud accounting firm that serves local clients. This is the reason why I don’t accept a lot of basic personal tax returns. I feel this will take away from my time helping small business owners.

Lastly, I don’t want to grow too big as a practice. I have worked for practices with 25 – 30 staff and I find the level of service can decline if there is a revolving door of staff. There was continuity at the partner level, but that is not who always communicated with the clients. I want to be the face of my practice and be involved in the majority of engagements. Limiting my practice size also allows me to be selective and work with people that I truly want to be a part of their team.

If you want to see if my practice is a fit for you please reach out to me.

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