What does it mean to be a Xero Bronze Champion Partner?

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Around this time last year I became a Xero Bronze Partner. However, a couple of months ago I became a Xero Bronze Champion Partner. So, what does this new status mean?

First, to be a Xero Bronze Partner, you need to earn 25 points based on the number of clients that you have that are on the Xero platform and any firm incentives such as using Hubdoc, Xero Projects or Xero Expenses for your practice. To become a Champion, you need to be using Xero for your practices’ accounting and have an additional Xero certification. In my case I have a Xero migration certificate. The migration certificate demonstrates that I completed Xero’s training program to move clients from other accounting applications into Xero.

I really love running my practice on Xero as it allows me to test out new features and integrate various applications before recommending them to clients. Xero has a quarterly product update that demonstrates “what’s new?” and what is on their roadmap. Xero partners are required to watch these updates to maintain their certifications.

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