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2019 was an awesome year for myself and my practice. I feel like I have grown professionally as well my practice has gained awareness. Here are some highlights from this great year.

In February, I accepted a volunteer position of treasurer with the Welcome Centre Shelter for Women. This position is what I envisioned as a treasurer and more. I love being able to be utilized for my accounting experience and giving back to the community. I have also learned a lot about the organization and met some great people.

During tax season, I was given the opportunity to run my first war room through WE Tech Alliance. During the coaching session I provided tax tips to business owners. It was definitely different being the one teaching instead of being the student.

I attended my first Xero RoadShow in October which was amazing. I learned a few new tricks and got to put faces to voices from phone conversations. I feel that this event has helped my practice evolve further from the discussions with my account manager. I love that Xero is truly there for your practice and wants to see it grow!

In November, I made a decision to join the Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce. I really wanted to join a business community group that supports their members. Amherstburg has a lot of great businesses and I can appreciate the sense of community as I grew up in Harrow. I have only attended one of their events so far, but I am definitely going to be attending more in 2020.

I think I have achieved the one goal I had last year of obtaining more brand awareness. Honestly, I cannot thank my current clients enough for all of their support and recommendations. As well, I want to thank my social media manager and website creator, Nick Russell of Russtek Media, for all of his hard work. Here’s to a great 2020!!!

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