What is Entrepreneur Momentum?

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I am very excited about Entrepreneur Momentum, a new Facebook group created by Nick Russell of Russtek Media. The intention of the group is to help all entrepreneurs grow. Nick and I have been in mastermind groups in the past together and I really enjoyed them. A mastermind group is typically a group of individuals that prop each other up and hold everyone accountable to help achieve their goals. I was talking to Nick months ago about the idea of creating a mastermind type Facebook group for all entrepreneurs to share valuable information and cheer on each other. Last month, Nick made it happen and I am so pumped!

There are a lot of great Facebook groups around that have the objective to help businesses succeed. My business has even benefited from these groups via networking opportunities which is fantastic. However, the one thing that I noticed was a lot of the value being provided in these groups was being hidden due to the overwhelming number of other posts in these groups. A lot of these posts were in the form of business promotion. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with promoting your business as you want to be noticed by others. Instead, Entrepreneur Momentum pushes value right to the forefront.

The types of posts in the group that you are going to see in Entrepreneur Momentum include, entrepreneurial tips, discussions of weekly wins big or small, promoting your business and giving shoutouts to fellow entrepreneurs which I love! The cool thing about the group is that any member is allowed to post information to the group in an awesome environment. It allows people to share their experiences and really help others.

If you want to join this awesome group follow the link below. I cannot wait to learn from each other.

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